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Whining Center Support Bearing- CV shaft?

2002 Honda Accord Ex with 188.000 miles…regularly maintained. About
a week ago, a whining (?) started toward the rear of the car that seems to be
synced with the speed of the car (faster I went, louder it got).

Tires are good, wheel bearings were replaced about 10,000 miles ago.
Our mechanic says it’s the center support bearing in the CV shaft that needs
to be replaced. I trust him, but wanted a second opinion.

If you really need a second opinion then I suggest taking the vehicle to another independent mechanic. The best we can do here is to guess because we can’t see or hear the vehicle. Guessing is a bad idea since it can become very expensive.

I would have the bearings checked, too. Just because they were replaced recently doesn’t mean they’re still good. One of them could be defective, and/or improperly installed.

PS…furthermore, if the sound is coming from the rear, as you say, then how can it be from the CV joints, which are up front?

Someone want to explain to me what a center support bearing is on a CV shaft??

Don’t bother explaining it on a driveshaft…I’m familiar with carrier bearings.