Whining Automatic Transmission

My engine light came on last November which was diagnosed as “fan clutch seized”. My automatic transmission’s coolant fan clutch was replaced. Since then and on more than one occasion while returning from skiing in the mountains, I will hear this loud whining sound coming from the transmission area. I only hear it when the car is de-accelerating and I have not been able to replicate it once I am out of the mountains and the outside temperature is warmer. Is this a faulty fan clutch issue?

There is a fan clutch for the engine.
There is no fan clutch for the transmission.
Is/was your car overheating?
Is your trans fluid level correct?
Does the trans fluid smell burnt?

Car is not overheating
Fluid level is OK
Fluid does not smell burnt
What else may cause a whining noise from the transmission? This is a 4WD vehicle