Whine while driving


I have an '07 F-150 with about 6500 miles on it (lease vehicle). I’ve noticed that there is a whine that begins when I hit 35mph and increases in pitch the faster I drive. Is this something I should be concerned about. BTW, I had the tires rotated at 5000 miles per the lease agreement.


rotate the tires again.


Some info would help.
Is the whine from the front or rear, left or right side, is the truck 4WD, and does the whine vary any if the truck is veered one way or the other?


Could it be your wife or does it happen when she is not in the truck?


When did you first notice the whine? What it before, at or after the tyre rotation? Where does the whine seem to come from? Does it change under load? Did it change when you had the rotation?


Not the wife. This is my company truck and she doesn’t ride with me. Not 4wd either. Started after the rotation. I have another one scheduled 3500 miles for the 10000 tune up required by the lease. The performance isn’t affected. I just notice it mostly around town when I hit 35mph.


The questions asked are not being answered. It’s hard to even make a wild guess without some cooperation.

Front or rear? Left or right? Changes tone when veering the truck, etc.?
Whine disappear when decelerating?