2017 Honda CR-V - Whines

2017 Honda CR-V LX 2.4 l . Whine noise shows up around 10 mph and gets louder til about 60mph when road noise drowns it out a bit . 60600 miles

What happens if you rev engine a little while idling in driveway? Warm up engine first of course. Does whine then sound the same as when driving, and get louder the faster the engine rpm?

No. Only when moving it shows up around 10 mph and gets louder with speed .

A technician will need to drive the vehicle. The noise could be from the transmission, could be from a failing wheel bearing.

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Ask shop to check the transmission fluid level. That’s the first step. Problems with transmission final drive (differential) often are a cause whine sounds related to vehicle speed, esp if sound seems unrelated to which gear is being used. Differential gear rotational speed is directly proportional to vehicle speed, so can be difficult to determine between wheel bearings and differential. Wheel bearing however often produce a sound described as a “growl”, rather than whine. As posted above, best way to get a good diagnosis is a tech test driving the car. They might also put it on the shop’s rack , put it in gear, and listen from underneath.

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