Which way did he go?

Ambiguity is such a useful cloud for protecting us from the facts. In recent news reports I have heard that automobile sales are increasing while other reports say sales have dropped. Of course the manufacturers didn’t close down plants for weeks to sell off inventory and clean up their storage lots so it’s certain that new car sales dropped. And then when I drive around town I see 3 formerly successful(?) high volume used car lots are closed and the signs covered. But of course everything these days is reported from a perspective that furthers the agenda of the reporter. We don’t have news. We have infotainment. But of course we must “Remember the Maine.”

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I think that it all depends on exactly what time frame they are referencing.
Sure, there has been an increase in car sales of late, as states begin to re-open, but–overall–car sales were almost non-existent in many parts of the country since March, with just a recent uptick in sales.

This would be like reporting that someone with anorexia had recently gained 3 lbs, without mentioning that she had previously lost 40 lbs. It’s all about the specific time frame.


. We don’t have news. We have infotainment. But of course we must “Remember the Maine.”

Agree it has been that way for many year’s.

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. But of course everything these days is reported from a perspective that furthers the agenda of the reporter.

I don’t know about y’all but I think you can tell what kid’s will grow up and become reporter’s. It is the one;s you see on the school playground that when something happen’s yell’s I am telling and run’s to the teacher and tell’s it in a way that make’s them look good.

There’s real news if you want it. Probably not on TV at 9PM, but otherwise, print news and traditional evening TV news still exists and it seems to me are reliable sources. Don’t just accept that it is news and not propaganda, check into it and see what sources are reliable. I don’t mean that their point of view is the same as yours.

I thought awhile about how to respond to this. People here get very angry when someone comes on here and says that all mechanics are crooks, and rightfully so because there are plenty who are good at their jobs and honest, and some of them post here.

You just did the same thing to reporters. As with any profession, there are good and bad professionals working in it, and it’s probably good to remember that. After all, while I didn’t take personal offense at what you said, I was a reporter in a former life, and I never tattled on anyone in school. :wink:


Tarring everyone with the same brush is ultimately unfair, and almost always inaccurate in a general sense. There are good and bad in all professions, whether they might be mechanics, or doctors, or reporters, or teachers, or even Presidents.

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No offense meant to you or any other’s I agree there are good and bad in any situation I was joking when I made the statement we have no idea if any of the other kid’s became reporter’s. T he biggest thing weather it be TV or print new’s you very seldom here about good kid’s or adult’s for that matter doing good thing’s.

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Can’t we leave discussions of weather for meteorologically-oriented forums?

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Sorry about that spelling is not one of my strong suit’s I was told one time the english language was the hardest to learn as so many word’s are said the same but are spelled different and have different meaning’s.

One of the easiest things to learn in regard to the English language is that plurals (cars, carburetors, transmissions, etc) do not use an apostrophe. On the other hand, possessives (John’s car, Bill’s carburetor, Mary’s transmission) do require the insertion of an apostrophe.


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Thank you I keep trying to do better but as I said before I only have a 5th grade education. We better bring this back to cars before Carolyn gets mad at us.

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Yes, but I hope that you can internalize the language guidance that I provided.
I consider you to be a friend, and you can depend on me for whatever language-related help you might need.


Thank you I appreciate that do you have any recondmantions on a good spell checker I could install?

The words that show up in your posts are spelled correctly, they are just not the right words for the meaning you want to convey. If I can’t figure out what you mean, I’ll ask for an explanation, if that’s OK with you.

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That is OK with me I don’t mind giving an explaination.