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Which used convertible?

Maybe it is a mid-life crisis, but I am thinking about buying a two seater convertible. I like the looks of the Porsche Boxster Type S (of course) and Honda S2000. I am a tad bit frugal (read cheap) so I will be buying a few year old vehicle with lower miles. My main concerns are initial cost, fun factor, maintenance costs, and ownership costs. Not interested in a 'vette nor Miata (my Mom has one and it is fun to drive, but not what I am looking for. What would you recommend?

You might want to check out the Pontiac Solstice. My sister just received one from her husband as a nursing school graduation present. I’m over 6 tall and 220 pounds so my first ride in the Solstice will be my last. The vehicle attracts attention wherever she goes and so far that’s it’s only drawback…that and the fact that Pontiac is disappearing.

Of those two, the Honda is the only choice for a ‘frugal’ guy. There is no such thing as an inexpensive Porsche. And the S2000 is FUN. Test drive one, see if you like it.

You can save about 20% if you buy the base Boxter vs. the Boxter S (2007). If you are frugal, the base Boxter will make good sense. You can get a Nissan 350Z convertible for almost half the cost of the Boxter S. I think you should test drive them all at least once. You need to have fun while you make your decision, don’t you?

Miata if you are cheap. MB SLK 55AMG if you are not.

Ford Thunderbird, '02 to '05. I have an '04 and enjoy it.

A Caddy Allante… But these are for mechanics like me…Whatever you choose, convertibles require a garage. They don’t take kindly to being left outside…

If you’re concerned about costs, avoid the Boxster. I’d say the Honda S2000 sounds like the perfect car for you.