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Which used Beetle drop-top do I choose?

HELP! Neither head nor heart can choose.

  1. 2009 Black, black convertible top, black leather; 59k miles. 2 year warranty. $10,953+trade
  2. 2010 Final Edition, two-tone (pale blue/cream), black convertible top, white leather. 21k miles, 9 mo. factory warranty. $12,099+trade.
    Dealerships getting restless. Appreciate thoughts!

“2 year warranty.”
“9 mo. factory warranty.”

Are you comparing apples to oranges ?
Is this 2 year warranty an “after market” warranty ?
Are we talking bumper-to-bumper coverage for both the 9 month and 2 year warranty ?

Is this a Vokswagen Dealer ? Are either one of the vehicles “Certified Pre-Owned” or would the dealer be willing to certify them at their cost ?

Have you had the vehicles inspected for any evidence of collision repair ?


The dealership isn’t getting restless. You are. Since the Mayans were wrong, they have the rest of time. They are just being pushy. The less interested you appear, the more interested they will be in dealing with you. Let them cool off till NEXT Monday. It’s the last day of the month AND the last day of the year. They will extremely interested in sell you one of those cars by then.

CSA-both are at VW Dealers, both cars have been in parking lot side-swipes and repaired, they have identical features. The black with 58.5k miles is certified. The Final Edition has remaining factory warranty only.

CSA- that’s 9 months bumper to bumper and 2 years 9 months power train on the Final Edition’s factory warranty.

" Since the Mayans were wrong…

But the Mayans were right. The long cycle ended on 12/21/2012. That end of the word stuff was garbage shoveled out by hucksters, not Mayans.

I don’t care much for black cars, but pale blue and cream? That just sounds awful to me - of the two I’d go for the black. If you aren’t desperate for either perhaps you need to see one in a better color.

I’d pass on both of them.

I had a pale blue Beetle convertible with cream interior as a rental car. I thought it looked noce, and that was part of the reason I picked it off the line. Be prepared for sweet-sixteen comments. I certainly got some.

I am not an expert on Beetles, but $1100 depreciation for 38,000 miles doesn’t seem like much. If I were forced into this decision, I’d grab the car with 38,000 miles less on it.