Which to sell?

Just purchased a 2005 Ford Escape from family and now my husband and I are deciding which of our older cars we should sell.

My car is a 1996 Saturn SC1 (2 door sports coupe) with 60k miles on it. My husband’s car is a 2002 Hyundai Accent GL (4-door sedan) with 100k miles. We plan on keeping the Escape for mostly highway driving and using either the Saturn or the Hyundai for local commuting (10 mile round trip to work or 20 minute drive across town type of thing). Neither vehicle has any major issues going on with it. The Saturn has been used mostly for local commuting and the Hyundai is used for local commuting and highway driving in the past. Both cars have been having scheduled oil changes based on mileage.

Looks like the Hyundai would sell for $1000 more than the Saturn If I attempt to keep either car for 5-10 more years (5k local miles put on each year) which scenario would most likely be financially better for us?

Any thoughts or guesses appreciated.

I would be concerned about the parts availability for the Saturn. Check to see if it shares engine and drivetrain parts with other GM cars–it may not. I don’t think this Saturn was rebadged model of another GM product. Some of the miles on your Hyundai are road miles which are easier on a car than around town miles. I think my vote would be to keep the Hyundai and sell the Saturn.

Any of the two due for a timing belt or another big ticket maintenance item?

The Saturn is the one that should go.

Those old and early years of Saturn’s were pretty robust cars that held up well. Later versions became more GM corporate and shared more parts but weren’t as good cars. I think you’ll be able to get another 5 years out of the Saturn.

Since you aren’t going to get much money selling either car I guess the issue is which car does the prime driver of the “local” commuter car prefer? If it were me, I’d keep the Saturn.