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Which to keep 2006 Subaru Forester 2.5x or 2008 Honda Civic LX?

Our family is expanding and we’re probably going to “upgrade” to a mini-van soon.

We currently own a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.5x and a 2008 Honda Civic LX. My wife drives the Subaru, I drive the Honda. The Subaru has 106,000 miles on it and the Honda has 108,000 miles on it. They both have kept up really well and show no signs of major breakdown any time soon.

My wife would become the primary driver of the minivan, leaving me to choose between two vehicles old friends.

Subaru -
Pros: Roomier, stronger, higher ground clearance, AWD for Minnesota winters
Cons: 11 years old and over 100k miles; 17 mpg in city, 24-27 mpg highway; one minor accident (no airbag deployed, light scratching on front bumper)

Honda -
Pros: Better looking, feels compact, newer; 24 mpg city; 30-34 mpg highway
Cons: 9 years old, 100k miles, three minor accidents (no airbag deployed, cosmetic repairs done)

Well 2006 predates the upgrade in the head gaskets and about 100k was the average life of the OEM gaskets for the 2.5L engine. But most dealers mechanics have done this repair so often, and if you are due for a timing belt change anyway, they can do it cheaply and competently and it will be good for another 200k with the upgraded gaskets. Of course it will need one more timing belt at around the 200k mark.

But if the Honda has a timing chain instead of a belt, and you put winter tires on it, it probably is the best economic choice.

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I have the simple answer. Ask the wife person which vehicle she would want to drive if the van was not available for a day or two. Done.

I suggest you keep the Honda. Subarus can become early oil burners, costing you a fortune in engine repair.

Honda over the Subie

I like this answer. A lot.
The cars are pretty much an even match, but we all have our biases. I’m sure the anticipated driver will have some too.

Me, I like Hondas better. I find them more comfortable. But that statement doesn’t make the Honda a better choice. It only shows my bias and that comfort is a priority for me, nothing more.

I’d keep the Subaru, but I’d choose roomy and AWD for winter over cramped and good MPG any day.

What I think the best bet would be is to keep both until after the minivan is bought. Once you have figured out what kind of situation you’ll be in, then you can decide which to keep. Heck, even having a back up car for either of you to drive should the main ones need time at the mechanic would be a nice convenience. residence at the same time.