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Which suv

Our daughter lives in Colorado and is in need of new transportation. We’ve looked at a 2007 Kia Sorento ES but she would really like a Jeep Liberty or Patriot. She seems to think it needs to be purchased in Colorado “because it’s already used to the altitude” - she’s never bought a car before. It would actually cheaper to buy in in Kansas where we live. Any suggestions or ideas?

If she doesn’t need special offroad capabilities, I’d skip the Jeep Liberty (poor reliability). The Patriot is nothing more than an awd economy car with a Jeep nameplate. I’d go with a Subaru for Colorado. Of course you’re right, cars don’t need to ‘get used to’ the altitude.

But if she’s buying, you may need to let her do it ‘her way’.

I’ve lived in Colorado for 34 years and there is no such thing as “because it’s already used to the altitude”. Suggestions include:

Subaru Outback or Forester
Hyundai Tuscon/Santa Fe
Honda CRV
Toyota RAV 4
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (just kidding)


And of course the Kia Sorento is also an option. But the fact that the daughter dismissed that one and suggested Jeeps suggests that there is some “coolness factor” going on there. twotone’s list makes a lot of sense but for the sake of “coolness” I’d let her have the Patriot if she insists. It’s not like it’s a “real” Jeep with all the off-roading stuff she would never need. From what I see in reviews (no personal experience whatsoever) it also seems to have better road manners (as in highway) than most other Jeeps. It does not seem to be a bad choice either. But I agree that a fully reasoable person would probably pick one from twotone’s list sans the Cayenne :slight_smile:

If she is crazy about Jeeps (I am too…), why not a Grand Cherokee AWD.

We liked the Toyota RAV 4 and the Subaru but she nixed those right away. She doesn’t need something with off-road capabilities, just enough power and traction to get through Monarch pass safely if there is snow and back and forth from Denver and Ft Collins. The “cool factor” is more important to her than us - especially since we will be buying and she is “paying us back” I drove the Sorrento and liked it very much (I drive an Acura MDX) The Patriot seemed a little plastic to me. In the end, safety and reliability are more important. My husband would like the Cayenne ;o)

I chuckled at you putting “paying us back” in quotes. Glad to see you’re going into this with your eyes open :wink:

If she’s looking at vehicles like the Patriot, then nothing other than that is going to make her happy. She’s after form over function. It’s a common affliction in first time car buyers - and those of us who’ve bought a lot of them aren’t immune to it anyway, as the totally impractical MR2 sitting in my garage will prove.

What’s the price difference between Colorado and Kansas? Is it enough to make up for the gas you’re going to burn driving it to Colorado?

A RAV or CRV would be a better buy, but…like our kids, if it’s their first purchase and their own money, the Jeep/SAAB/Volvo mystique, no matter how undeserved, has to be experienced.
I like “twotones” suggestions but expect her to do her own thing and support her. We try not to be an “I told you so” when our kid’s cars inflict high repair bills on them.
Just saw “paying us back”…forget everything I said.
IMO, don’t lend any money to a relative/friend you can’t afford to give away. I would buy the best car choice you decide and sign it over as a gift.
If she pays you back, think of it as a gift in return.

If she likes the Jeep, maybe she would consider a Toyota 4Runner or Nissan Xterra. She’d have to buy a 2003 4Runner to equal the cost of the 2007 Sorrento. A 2005 Xterra would be the same price.

Has your daughter actually driven the Patriot? I’ve read lots of complaints about the 4 cylinder/CVT transmission combination, problems that would be worse at altitude, like in Denver and the mountains. Tell her before you put up the bucks she needs to take 4 cars on test drives into the mountains. Only then will she really know what they’re like.

The only real reason to buy in Colorado would be because she lives there, not because “it’s used to the altitude”. The computer will compensate for the altitude regardless if you drive it from Death Valley to Denver. Keep in mind though, if you buy in Kansas, you might have to pony up extra sales tax when it’s registered in Colorado.
Let her test drive the cars she wants to, then have her test the car(s) you want her to try, then see which one she likes best. Since you’re fronting the cash, you should have more of a say than she does, even if she does “pay you back”.