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Which steering column is it?

My son has a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, 4-door, 2WD, with an automatic transmission on a 4 liter engine. Things are amiss in the steering column and he’s looking for a bearing for it. The problem is that Jeep was kind of using parts on an as-available basis for screwing these cars together and he can’t figure out where the steering column came from. He thinks it’s a GM part, but that doesn’t narrow it down much. Can anyone tell me anything about what it might be or how to find out what it is?


Um, no disrespect meant, but of your son can’t figure out what it came from how are we supposed to?

The best suggestions I can offer are to

  1. visit a boneyard. Perhaps he can match the column.
  2. take the bearing to the local Ace Hardware store. They carry numerous generic bearings and might have a replacement. A steering column bearing won’t be under serious loads, so as long as it physically fits any ball or roller bearing should work fine.
  1. visit the dealer parts department
  2. join a Jeep forum and ask there, those guys are NUTS for all versions and vintages of Jeep!

mountainbike, I’m just shooting in the dark, here, hoping someone else knows more about Jeeps than I do. And none of the parts companies or bearing suppliers have been able to help him, which I don’t understand.

texases, I think you came up with the idea most likely to be fruitful. That thought had crossed my mind, but didn’t leave enough of a track for me to get it back.

Just have your son remove the bearing. There should be a number on the bearing that can be cross-referenced to a bearing that will work. I did this on an old Harley Davidson that was made in Italy (don’t ask as it was dark days for Harley back in the mid 70’s). The bearing and drives dealer in my hometown found a Timken bearing that was a perfect fit.

If it non-tilt it is a Chrysler steering column.
If it has tilt it is a Saginaw column. Chrysler use saginaw tilt columns in the 80’s and into the early 90’s on some trucks.

I think when you disassemble the column you’ll find that the bolts have come loose in the lower steering column housing. You will need special tools to disassemble the column.

#4147364 Rack and bearing package.

If he has the bearing in hand, use a caliper to measure the outside diameter (OD), the inside diameter (ID) and the height. Then google VBX Bearings for the website and order the bearing from them.