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Which side of the car does my Bosch 16064 Right down-stream oxygen sensor go?

I hate to sound like an idiot but i cant figure this out. I have read the two page section in my haynes manual 5 times. googled for 3 hrs and have looked at every product description on every website I can find that sells it. I see there is a left and right side downstream sensor and the upstreams sensors are identical for a total of 4 sensors and 3 models. I just dont want to put it on the wrong side. Is it it left side facing the engine? Ty for your time. I appreciate it.

The trouble codes always refer to ‘Bank 1’ or ‘Bank 2’ and ‘Sensor 1’ and ‘Sensor 2’. ‘Bank 1’ is always going to be the side of the engine that cylinder no. 1 is on, and ‘Sensor 1’ will always be the upstream sensor. Therefore, ‘Bank 2’ will be the opposite side of the engine from cylinder no. 1 and ‘Sensor 2’ will always be the downstream sensor. Hope this helps.

Make, Model, Year, Mileage? What problem are you trying to cure? What code(s) are you seeing?

I have to ask…, cavepox? is it contagious?

There is no left or right, there is bank 1 and bank 2. Bank 1 is the side of the engine that contains cylinder #1. Bank 2 will be the other side.

Unless otherwise specified, “left side” is the driver’s side and “right side” is the passenger side (for left-hand drive cars, like in the U.S.). I.e., “left” and “right” is relative to the driver sitting in the driver’s seat.

Its a 2003 Saturn LW300 125k.

The engine would die when I stopped sometimes. It would start right back up after a few mins and a couple tries. the last couple times it did it when I was actually on the go. It did it off and on for a few days. On my payday, on the way to the shop, it died and would not restart.

I was told he could could look at it that day. It was 3 days later before he even popped the hood. After calling each day and getting told it would always be that day. He said that the computer said the throttle body was almost out, the Crank position Sensor was out and my 2 upstream sensors were gone and downstream were barely working. That the Oxygen sensors all being in that condition made the crank position sensor go out and that my car was dieing because the computer was shutting it off.

I’m a single Dad with 2 jobs and have money difficulties at times. He wanted 600 for the throttle body not counting labor. 95 for the Crank position sensor. and 278 for the upstream sensors. I really needed my car for work at the time so I was in a bind. But I couldn’t afford all that so I told him I can’t get it fixed. He told me he would talk to another mechanic in the morning and let me know my options.

The next morning the mechanic told me he cleaned the throttle body twice. Replaced the crank position sensor and now it runs but he doesn’t know for how long. He charged me 340 dollars.

I went to Amazon and bought the Upstream sensors for 68 each. Not the universal ones but the Bosch ones. I replaced those two.

The sensors themselves, the packaging, the descriptions etc, don’t actually mention bank one/two. Just right and left. Even my Haynes book. So from what Ive read I put the Bosch 16064 Right down-stream oxygen sensor on the passenger side?

And I Thank All of You for your help. A lot

Has your CEL (check engine light) been on ??

Yes it has.

If that is the one with the Opel V6, the car is a money pit, many mechanics won’t even work on them, it has 4 converters and they are $1000 each and it needs Opel specific tools to change the timing belt. I would urge you to sell it and get something easier to fix. Very pretty engine though.

I believe it does have the Opel V6

i guess it a lot more profitable to change a throttle bottle than to clean it. or maybe not for that price

A red flag might go up if what was related here was actually said by the mechanic and that would be the part about the bad O2 sensors causing the crank sensor to go out.
How does that work… :wink:

about the bad O2 sensors causing the crank sensor to go out.

I think it has something to do with the position of the kniffler valve.

the muffler bearings seize up which causes the squirrel cage to gets harder to turn, causing the squirrel to get out of breath, the squirrel can t tell the oxygen level properly in this condition, with the depleted oxygen levels his brain can t make a sound judgement about the drivers disposition, so he just shuts it all down til he gets his equilibrium back…