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Which repairs should I make before selling '99 Corolla?

I’m about to put my '99 Toyota Corolla on the market and just had it inspected today by a Toyota dealer. I’m wondering which, if any, of their recommended repairs I should pay for myself before listing my car.

- Transmission Flush (149.95)

-Drive Belt cracked (122.71)

-Clean and Adjust rear brakes (49.95)

-Alignment (78.95)

- Vibration when driving (either axle or transmission - 92.00 diagnosis)

I’m willing to drop my price to cover the repairs, but I don’t know if any of these will be looked on as an automatic deal breaker.

Forget the transmissioin flush; that’s a dealer “make work, make profit item”. The belt should be replaced if it is reaally crakced. if only a few small cracks, leave it. Unless the rear brakes are dragging, or the car brakes badly (uneven), for get it. Forget the alignment; did the dealer SHOW you WHY you need one? If the front tires are very unevenly worn, it COULD need an alignment.

How bad is the vibration? Transmissions seldom cause vibration when driving; it’s usually out of balance tires.

Most of these repairs are likely unneccessary; don’t adjust your price, but clean up the car and be willing to negotiate.

If you buy an $10,000 used car off that dealer’s lot it will likely need MORE than what your car supposedly needs.

The alignment Would be necessary in my book, Hopefully it will take care of vibration, don’t forget as is no warranty in the sale receipt, I am not suggesting you be dishonest but the other repairs probably will not result in any recapture as far as a cost vs sales analysis.

Transmission flush - not needed. Skip it.

Drive belt cracked - they’re all cracked, and they don’t cost $122.71 This is $25 at your local parts store. Skip it.

Clean and adjust rear brakes - they don’t need cleaning and they’re self-adjusting. Skip it.

Alignment - How bad is it? If it’s bad enough it could be causing the vibration. This is the only one I’d consider.

You’re under no obligation to share any of this with a potential buyer. None of these things constitute “repair,” unless there’s something wrong with the transmission. The rest are maintenance items, and nothing more.

Did you tell them about vibration?
If so what are the simptsoms, what is it doing?
As others said all other stuff is dealer trying to make $$$ off of you.