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Which one?

For an almost-to-be college student which would you recommend and why?? 2004 Audi A4 with 84xxmls 4cyl turbo…2007 Hyundai Azera with 986xx mls 6 cylinder…or 2010 ford focus with 46xxx mls 4 cal. I am looking for one to last, super safe, kind of roomy-not cramped etc. THanks!

Even though the Audi is a stylish car, it’ll be less reliable and far more expensive to maintain, so I’d vote to cross that one off your list unless you don’t care about that.

Are maintenance records available for either of the other two? Have you looked at the Consumer Reports reliability ratings on those two?

If I were looking for "I am looking for one to last, super safe, kind of roomy-not cramped etc. THanks! " I certainly would include a Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Dollar for dollar they are excellent choices for students. Regardless of being more expensive, you get what you pay for. You need to heed “lion9car” and do some “Consumer Reports” reading…especially the car buying issues.

Definately pass on the Audi, expensive to repair and needs more frequent repairs. The Azera is good, but the 6 cylinder engine will use more gas due to less mpg. Lots of power if you like zippy performance and can afford more for gas it might work. The 2010 Focus seems best bet to me. Good car, good repair record, plenty of places to go when you need a repair. I think the back seats fold down which will make it easier to load and carry more stuff when you head to college.

Agree with Uncle Turbo on the Focus, it will leave you with more of your allowance to spend on the important stuff, like shoes. Just make sure the Focus does not come with pre-existing issues due to poor maintenance or bad driving habits of a previous owner.

Going to college soon means you’ll be spending lots of money on books and things and your funds will be low for the extra stuff.
The Audi is automatically off the list unless you can do all the repairs and maintenance by yourself.
The Azera will have the most room inside, which will make moving into the dorms easier, if you’re doing that.
The Focus will give you the best fuel mileage. So if you’re traveling from school to home you’ll fill up less. And since it’s the newest, you’ll probably have better luck with it lasting longer than the others.

One more thing to think about, especially with high MPG vehicles, 2~4 year old used models are often as much as brand new ones, or very close to the same price that it might make more sense to buy the new vehicle.

Of the choices you’ve listed, and assuming all have been checked and are in good shape, the Focus is the best for your application.

Definitely avaoid the Audi. Even if it’s the only one in good shape. Unless it’s free.

Go for the Focus,it approaches "mechanical excellence " for your application,the other cars are fine but way down on the list for your needs at the present.When you are cold tired and hungry,you only care about getting home reliably and safely-Kevin

I’ll bet that they are all priced similarly, and the 2010 is so much newer than the others, that the Focus is the right choice. It probably even has the lowest insurance cost. If you think it’s too boring, consider that my daughter drives a 1998 Buick Regal to school and work. Why? The price is right - dad provided the transportation.

I agree with all of the considerations that everybody mentioned but I have one more. If after considering the objective criteria it’s a dead toss up between all of them, just BUY THE CAR YOU WANT TO OWN. The Audi may be more expensive to maintain but if that’s the one you really like, if it puts more of a smile on your face than the other two and you can afford to keep it running (very important), get it! If you like having 6 cylinders, get the Hyundai. If the Focus is a hatchback and you carry big stuff a lot, get that one. Maybe you just like the way one looks.

I’m assuming these are your 3 options because they all fall in your price range. Figure out how much you’re able to comfortably afford (including maintenance, insurance, gas, etc.) and if all of the cars still fit your criteria. Once you’ve made sure the cars meet your minimum requirements, just sit and think about which car you’d rather look at every single morning, which cabin you wouldn’t mind sitting in for hundreds of hours.

Another consideration: if the Audi has quattro, that may be worth it depending on your climate. I believe the other two cars are FWD. FWD is not horrible but AWD is an awesome thing to have.

Sorry, 8-year-old Audis are to be avoided. Period. Add in new college student and the answer is even clearer.

Isleo, you’ve made some excellent points. If the OP was 35 years old, I might agree, but I don’t think the average new college student has the experience to be able to predict the cost of maintaining an automobile…OR the cost of living away from home. Itruely think that in this case advice that also considers these factors is in the OP’s best interest.

But your point is well made.