Which one and why?

Hey guys. Quick question. Which one is a better deal and why? Am gonna use this car for construction work.

Quick answer - Since those of us on the web can’t drive , hear or see it in person it is a little difficult to recommend either one. What you do is pay a shop about 125.00 to inspect the one you like best and that will give you a better chance of spending your money on a decent used vehicle.

Of course I wonder why you are not looking for a real cargo van if you are going to be hauling tools and materials.

Can’t inspect an ad, have to inspect the car. The two cars are about the same mileage and price so I would lean to the newer one and I would also rather look at a Dodge traded in at a Dodge dealer than one being sold at a Nissan dealer but don’t skimp on an inspection/

And I would be the opposite, I lean towards the 2 year older one with 40,000 less miles.

But if I was looking for a vehicle for construction work, fully loaded Grand Caravans wouldn’t be on my list.


My english is not perfect so I hope you gonna understand what I mean.

At first I was looking for that kind of Cargovan, but any of those are not from certified dealer. I hate buying cars

I’m concerned about the 2014. The intake manifold was replaced in April. I’d take it off the list based on that. Also the 2016 appears to have a complete maintnenance record in the Carfax. You might want to get either inspected by an independent mechanic, especially the older one.

I don’t think either of these are a good deal for use as a work truck. If you want a cargo van, to use for hauling tools and equipment/building materials, I’d suggest an actual cargo van which is designed for this purpose.

I’ve seen passenger vehicles like minivans and station wagons used as work vehicles. They were mostly used by painters. If theOP plans to use it as a passenger van too, he could install protection for the carpet and walls. With 2 rows of Stow n Go seats, that could work well.

I am an electrician. I will use it to carry couple tools and ladder, sometimes pipes. Weight of tools wont be bigger than weight of 3 people.

you need to look for a dedicated work vehicle

There are plenty of front-wheel drive work vans available nowadays . . . that’s what you need

Lots of options besides Dodge, for that matter

There is only 11 or 12 thousand more miles on the 2016 and it was put on in 3 years instead of 5 so probably more highway miles.

2016 - 61,124 miles in 3 years
2014 - 21,675 miles in 5 years

looks like 40,000 miles to me

I don’t know what you are looking at, I see 49577 for the 2014.

It says 61124 miles for the silver 2016 . It is 21675
miles for 2014 .

the 2014 is 21675, which is 49577 miles below market average!

Having never used a computer during my working life I have a hard time picking information off a computer screen because there is so much on a page that should be ignored. When you read a book, all the info is relevant.

When I was looking for the mileage I saw “The mileage is 49577” and did not read the rest of the sentence that says “below marker average”.

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