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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge Caravan

I need to purchase a new car.

I am thinking of getting a used mini van.

Which car do you think is more reliable, less likely to need a lot of repairs and less chance of having to replace the automatic transmission?

Odyssey or Caravan?

All minivans use engines and transmissions derived from cars and have more transmission problems because they are heavier than cars, have more wind resistance and sometimes tow campers.

Having said that I had 2 Chrysler Minivans, my son had 4 and none of them had transmission problems. We do change the transmission fluid every 60000 miles ( Most people on this website recommend 30000 miles,)

I have no experience with Hondas. When I bought my first minivan I didn’t consider the Honda, Toyota or Chevy minivans because none of them would hold 4 x 8 sheets of plywood or drywall.

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Honda vans had a string of automatic transmission problems in the early to mid 2000’s. I think they have them fixed now. Chrysler, never known for its quality, is now owned by Fiat, the laughing stock of the car quality world. Need I say more?

I’d go with a Honda

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Honda’s in general have a good reputation. I am on my 4th Chrysler mini van. Had a Plymouth Voyager (1985?), got it used from the leasing company my employer used. Traded it in and got a new Dodge Caravan. Had some tranny trouble early on covered by warranty, no trouble after that. Traded it in for a new 2005 Town and Country. Just got a 2016 Dodge Caravan from Enterprise with 4,600 miles on it, very good price. I have been very happy with these vehicles which is why I keep buying them. I am selling the 05 to a co worker of my daughters and getting top $ for it because it is in very good shape. If the deal on the new one did not pop up I would have kept the 2005 for several more years.

A friend has owned both and the Honda is significantly more reliable and durable than the Dodge. However, here a Dodge sells for a lot less than a Honda, so if buying new and if you don’t drive much, a Dodge might be a good idea.

Buying a USED Dodge mini van, is a real crap shoot. Look at the Consumer Reports Buying Guide on sale at any at news stand and you will see the difference in ratings. CR rates the Dodge as "not recommended’ because of all those past problems.

A mechanic who drives little may pick one up a and keep it running. If your job depends on the vehicle’s reliability stay away fro the Dodge.

Others that are good are Toyota Sienna and Hyundai and Kia minivans.

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Consumer Reports has good comparative data on these and all other vehicles. I recommend picking one up at your local bookstore and perusing the reliability records of your choices.

A used minivan is not a new car. Did u mean to say u need a different car than u have now? And will consider a not new vehicle?

Yes sorry my post was confusing. I need a another used car. I am not planning to buy a new car.

No matter what you buy have a mechanic give it a pre purchase inspection,well worth the $100 or so it will cost you.

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We know, as this is your 7th post in 2 days on the subject. :wink: For clarity, you might want to consolidate things and keep it to one thread.

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How much are you willing to spend? Condition is much more important than the brand. The older the minivan, the more this becomes an issue. The Caravan should depreciate faster than the Odyssey. If you find a Caravan in great condition, verified by a prepurchase inspection, and it is a grand or two less than a comparable Odyssey, it might be worth the chance. You could think of the savings at purchase as a repair fund. I do that with new cars, and it applies to used cars too. I own a Honda Accord and think it is a great car, so I’m not trying to talk you out of a Honda. I am just suggesting that if you can tolerate risk, a Dodge might be a good buy for you. If you can’t stomach risk, then stick with the Odyssey.

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