Which Is The Better Car to Lease?.......Honda Fix or Honda Civic

Hello all…I’d like your feedback on whether to lease a 2013 Honda Fit or a 2013 Honda Civic…I would prefer the Fit…but the sales person is trying to talk me into the Civic…

Also, any feedback on leasing…I’ve never done it before…

Thank you all!!

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Leasing is more expensive than buying, even though the monthly payment is lower. This is because you never actually own anything. You also need to watch out for the mileage clause. Less expensive leases allow fewer miles. All leases charge you if you go over the allowed mileage. It’s spelled out in the lease.

The salesman wants you to lease the Civic because he makes more money that way. Leasing might make sense for you, but it usually doesn’t. Why do you want to lease the car? It usually makes sense if it is a business expense or you will live in a far away spot for a couple of years then return home.

leasing is for suckers.

See duplicate question and entries below.

Please do not listen to any advice coming from a sales person like ever! I’m serious! Just walk into the dealership with your mind made up. Do your research elsewhere. The sales person is there simply to ask about inventory, handle paperwork, give you the keys and that’s that.

Better yet, you can skip this game. You get better deals by doing competitive bidding. You really want to talk to a dealership’s internet sales manager. Whatever you do, don’t finance through the dealership! Get financing lined up through a local bank or credit union first.

Dealerships have earned the name stealerships for good reason!

Personally, either car is probably fine. I prefer the Fit for the cargo room.

My question is why a salesman would push a Civic over a Fit? I’m guessing there are many Civics on the lot, and only a few if any Fit’s. If the salesman cared about you he or she would find a way to sell you the car you want, which is a Fit. So, find another salesman at this dealer or go to another Honda dealer. You can choose your salesperson, if you don’t feel comfortable with one, then ask for another salesperson, and if the dealer says no walk directly to and out the door. Most likely someone will catch up to you before you make it to your car, and you’ll have another salesperson.

As for leasing, there are problems. You will be very limited in the miles per year you can drive the car. If you drive about 10K miles per year or less now a lease might work. But, many people drive a lot more when they have a nice new car. When you put extra miles on the car over the amount per year specified in your lease you pay a big penalty for every extra mile - like $0.30 per mile. Also, a lease means in 3 years or so you’ll be getting another car, either on a lease or you have to buy one.

I’m not anti-lease, but you must realize this isn’t the cheapest way to have a car. Everyone makes a profit on a lease, the dealer, the finance company, etc. Of course they make a profit when you buy a car and take a loan for it too. If you simply must have a new car every 3-4 years a lease can work for you if you don’t drive many miles per year. The real sticking point for me is the limited number of miles you can drive the car per year. That is what you have to look at very carefully before you get into a lease. The typical miles per year is 12,000 and that seems like a lot of miles to many. But, if you commute 30 miles per day you will likely go over your lease miles and find you can’t use your car much on weekends or vacations.

While it may make sense for business a lease seldom is the best choice for a individual. Leasing just adds one more person in line to collect from you.

First things first: which car do you really want? If you want the Fit then any discussion about the Civic is irrelevant because you already made your decision.

Next: if you’re flexible and either the Fit or Civic meets your needs then which one is financially the better deal. How does the lease payment fit into your budget?

Third: I agree leases are not a good deal for most circumstances. But if a lease meets your needs then go ahead and do it.

A “lease” is just another word for rental…It’s always more expensive than buying a vehicle. Yes, the monthly payment is less, but at the end, you have nothing…If you exceed the stated mileage or the car shows any excessive “wear & tear”, you will pay a BIG penalty at the end of the rental period…They may also require that you buy the insurance (full coverage) from them at a cost that can equal the lease payment! Do your homework…

These are pretty much entry level cars, not something to lease.

If you were talking about a Lexus or BMW, then I could see the lease angle, but not on a boring, everyday Honda.

It’d be smarter to buy a Corolla than to lease a Lexus or BMW…and probably cheaper per-month! DEFINITELY cheaper in the long run.