Which gastations have the best quality fuel?

It should be noted that in order to advertise your fuel as Top Tier you must pay a royalty fee to the consortium. It’s entirely possible that a station could sell fuel that meets the Top Tier requirements, but doesn’t want to pay the royalty fee.


That was the case with Costco, for several years. They finally decided to pay that royalty fee so that they could advertise their Top Tier status, but they were actually selling gas that met those standards for a couple of years before it became “official”.


I want to know the gasoline qualifies as TopTier, that is why I do not buy at Sam’s.

I could be wrong but my understanding is that Sam’s fuel meets the Top Tier specs . They just don’t see the need to pay for the endorsement. Since their stations are always busy it seems to work .


It is possible, but I like to know. I will pay the $0.02 more per gallon to know I am getting a product that meets TopTier specifications.


How do you know that?

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I just googled top tier gas and found a list of about 35 name brands that are listed as top tier. It’s from January 2022.
………no Sams on list.

Glad thathey do not wa$te on thendor$ement.
Whatypical vehicle owner notices or understands?

Many people understand. And Sam’s absence from the list is probably because they don’t meet the spec.

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Other than in Texas, where would a service station or Costco or Sam’s Club find gasoline which does not already meethe specification?

That is the point, if they are not listed as TopTier, you do not know. Gas must meet Federal standards, unlisted brands meet Federal requirements, they may or may not meet TopTier requirements.

Sam’s Club stations are busy because they are cheaper, I suspect many people do not care what they put in their vehicles. I know one person that does a 40+ mile round trip to save $0.05 per gallon at another warehouse club, not Sam’s or Costco.
In the short term Federal standards are adequate, it is in the long term that TopTier standards become beneficial. If I were to trade in my vehicles before the power train warranty expires, then I might use whatever was available.

Why “other than Texas”?

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I buy a Top Tier gas (Irving). They aren’t on the list either. Irving has been top tier for a few years now. Maybe because it’s regional.

The station gets the gas from a distributor that adds the specified additives to the base gas when the truck is filled. That’s how.

We have one refinery, Suncor, so I assume all gasoline here comes from it. (There are many Sinclair gastations, but would they have thexpen$e of gettingasoline from the Sinclair Refinery hundreds of miles away in Sinclair, Wyoming?)
So it’s just additives that determine Top Tier?
Can a very similar additive be formulated to create the same outcome?

It’s the additives, which cost money. The Top Tier gas has more than gas that just meets the federal specs.

Every fuel truck fills up from the same pipeline here, only difference is the additives. But every brand of gasoline that we have a station for is listed on the top tier website.

I just fill up at whichever station’s convienent, jump back between Texaco, Shell, and Chevron since the price is so close.

Yes…There’s this thing called Google that you can easily look this up with.