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Which cylinder is #4 on 2004 Kia amanti?

There are 6 cylinders. 3 under the intake and 3 where I can see them. It looks like…

Behind intake>>> 1. 2. 3.
The ones I see >>> 4. 5. 6.

From left to right. I believe #5 above is cylinder 4 correct?

Try this link:

It looks like the ones toward the front are 2-4-6 and the ones closer to the firewall are 1-3-5, going left to right.

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The data I’m seeing isn’t overly useful for that question. hmmm, well maybe the following will help

Coil Cylinders

2 1,4
1 2,5
3 3,6

I just realized that’s a 2005. Would they still be the same?

Another link.

If the engine is the 3.5L it looks as if it would be the same from 2003-2006. Later ones seem to be 3.8L. In any event, the firing order on the cylnders would probably be the same.

Not sure what that last sentence could possibly mean, but number 4 is cylinder number 4. There is no conversion of any kind here. Cylinder number is the cylinder number. So in your instance, if your data were correct. That would be the middle cylinder in the front of the vehicle, on the 3 plugs you are able to see.

If you are feeling adventurous you could unplug that coil or plug and read the engine code that would pop up identifying the cylinder for you. But it really shouldn’t have to come to that…