2001 Ford Escape misfire on #4. P0304 code

I know I can fix this problem, but my question is which cylinder is #4? I don’t see it marked on the engine. The counter guys at both my local parts supply stores (whose initials are A and O) can’t even look it up for me. If #4 is on the front of the engine, then it’s an easy fix. If it’s on the backside, then the intake manifold has to come off to get to the plugs and coil packs. It’s a bit more labor. I can do it, but I’d rather not have to.

Go to Autozone’s website. Register an email address & plug in the car’s info. Find the “Repair Info” and go to the “Engine Electrical” chapter.

The diagram I found there says that the #4 plug/cylinder is passenger side front. Order given is:


pass 1 2 3 dr
side 4 5 6 side
veh front

Do yourself a favor & change all of the plugs anyway and when you do borrow a compression gauge to check the compression.