Which Car will die first?

I have a 1991 Lexus LS 400 with 250K. I also have a 1999 GMC Sierra with 260K. I maintain both of them well. Which one will last the longest?

No way to tell at this point, they’re both in the ‘anything could break now’ zone. But if I had to bet, I guess I’d bet on the LS400, if by ‘die’ you mean engine or tranny fails. My money would be on the Sierra’s tranny going before the LS400’s. But that’s purely a guess.

It depends on what you mean by “last.” A car isn’t one thing. Its a whole bunch of different things, almost all of which can be repaired or replaced. So do you mean the engine? Transmission? Suspension? etc?

With exception of extreme damage from accident or rust a car lasts as long as someone fixes its problems.

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the cost to own and operate those 2 vehicles 1/4 million miles each.

If you really do maintain them well, both will last indefinitely. If rust is a problem where you live, the truck will probably last longer because it is eight years newer and will have eight years less rust on it. As long as the chassis is in good shape (particularly on that 20 year old Lexus), you may as well turn this into an experiment to see how long you can make them last.

With normal care, the Lexus will likely outlast the truck. However, at about 400,000 miles, you will have some expensive repairs starting to appear on the Lexus.

The truck will become a do-it-yourself kit at that mileage, and every month something will break, but you can get most of these parts from a junk yard or after market supplier. Get your son involved in keeping it running; it will be an invaluable experience for him.

Agree that the transmission on the truck will be the first major item. At that time you will have to decide how much of your spare time and effort will go into the truck. The Lexus will require less worry, but anyone repair will be much more expensive, and used parts harder to get.

The Lexus will likely die first simply due to age…

Trucks last a long time since they much less expensive to repair against a car.

My father in law has had great luck with Ford and GM trucks running them from 250k and up to 500k range without major problems. Hiccups but no real expensive repairs due to simply design.

One Lexus or luxury branded repair will set you back serious money typically.

I’d guess the Lexus. No matter how well a car is made components will still degrade. Fuel lines, seals etc will start to go sooner on the Lexus. The truck will most likely be less expensive to repair once things start to go.