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Which car to sell - '96 Subaru Impreza or '98 Volvo S70

We barely need one car let alone two, so we’re downsizing:

Volvo has around 150,000 miles, way better shape cosmetically, more spacious interior.
Subaru has around 120,000, lots of dents and scratches. But, AWD and a 5 speed (more fun). And AWD is good for the winter around here.

The Subaru used to be better but at this point they’re pretty much the same. Not bad, not great!

If I had to pick, I’d probably sell the Volvo, I guess. Any thought to selling them both and getting a newer car?

Both of these cars are at the stage where some expensive repairs could pop up. With the Volvo I’d expect more frequent repairs, and more expensive repairs so I’d sell the Volvo and keep the Subie

of the 2, the Volvo. Though I’ll echo texases comment about selling both and getting a newer vehicle

thanks! selling both is definitely worth thinking about…