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Which 2000 Mercedes Benz car is better, C230 Compressor or C280?

what diffenrences exit between these two cars in performance and fuel comsumption ?

Fuel consumption is listed on so check there

Otherwise one has a supercharger while the other a v6. Performance is eye of the beholder, test drive both.

As an example I find my turbo Subaru more powerful than the 6 cylinder version since it has a lower peak for torque and more torque available. The only problem is its not as linear as the 6 cylinder version so it comes on with a little kick. Its all preference.

This article includes some of that info:

I would just drive both and decide what you like best, they a pretty similar in cost, mileage, and performance.

all other things being equal, I’d stay away from the turbo.

It’s not a turbo, it’s a supercharger. AFAIK, they are not problematic.

sorry, I agree.