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Which 2 cars of these 3 should I keep?

I need to keep two of the following three:

  1. 2011 Toyota Higlander 4wd (58k miles)
  2. 2005/6 VW Golf TDI manual (140k miles)
  3. 2002 Lexus Rx300 FWD (120k miles)

which of the two should I keep if I am interested in minimizing out-of-pocket expenses and maximizing longevity?

Surprisingly, Identifix gives the Lexus the worst reliability rating of those three cars, because of common failures of the mass airflow sensor, air/fuel ratio sensor, and evaportive emissions systems.

Both the Golf and the Highlander have better reliability ratings from Identifix. And they’re both newer than the Lexus.

So based on reliability and age (longevity) I’d keep the Golf and Highlander.

What are your needs? Do you need two vehicles that will seat 5 comfortably? If so, the obvious choice would be to get rid of the VW.

lexus is the costliest to own. drop it like it is hot.

The RX and the Highlander are basically the same, the Highlander is newer, with a 3rd row. If the VW and Highlander combo meets your needs, I’d keep them, because of the RX’s age, not the expense for maintenance.

Age, mileage and a luxury badge would lead me to sell the Lexus.

Good grief. Excellent selection of cars ! But if you insist, I would dump both the Golf and the Lexus and get a used Corolla or Civic with fewer then 50k miles. I thinthis can e done ! The Highlander can take you anywhere in comfort and the compact can commute. That will definitely accomplish both your requirements with two cars with fewer then 60k miles. Fewer repairs both now and down the road and good economy.

Get rid of the Lexus

You don’t need 2 SUVs

Low mileage Corolla or Civic? They cost too much. Better to buy new or buy a less sought after but still reliable car. I’d never buy a used Corolla or Civic.

I’m not a lover of Volkswagens, but I would let the Lexus go. Aging luxury cars, especially SUVs will cost a lot in upkeep very soon.

Karl Hungus! “He fixed the cable? Don’t be fatuous, Jeffery.”

It is a toss up between Lexus and VW. The VW will likely cost you a lot of money in upkeep. I laugh at these posters idea a 2002 Lexus is luxury and is more complicated. ANY modern vehicle is far more complex than the basically overgrown but cushy camry a RX300 is.

Any mechanic who can fix a Camry v6 can work on a Lexus, that means many. It does not require anything special.