Where to send the car



I took my care to an independent shop that looks as though it has past its “glory days”.

They did not find a water pump from their supplier but can get one from the dealer. The solution we came up with is me picking up the water pump at ad auto parts store mile away from them and dropping it off at the nearby Thai restaurant (they close at 5).

I am starting to worry about their ability/competence. I expected a successful shop to have multiple parts suppliers. Any thoughts about moving this work from them (can not go far - bad water pump)? Is it now more common for the customer to provide the parts?

Thank you for any input.


How many cars do you have? Two different VW’s now a Cheve?


It is a chevrolet -


No, it’s not recommended for a customer to provide parts and it’s really not a good idea at all.
And dropping off parts at a restaurant? Jeez.

Sounds like a lousy shop if they stick with one supplier and and leave a customer hanging because they won’t obtain a pump from a parts house that is only a mile away.


A shop that can’t get parts from nearby auto parts stores must not pay their bills. Or, they are on COD and don’t have the cash to buy the parts. Look for another shop.