Where to get a good battery for my 2003 Ford F-150?

I have a Ford truck. I need to get a new battery for it. Does someone with Car Talk suggest a good and reliable battery for my Ford truck. Where can I get one?

Literally ANY place that sells car batteries has one for this truck. We all have preferences. I like Optima batteries but they are pretty expensive and most people won’t pay that.

I also like Interstate batteries.

And John, we don’t know where you live. Just google “places near me that sell car batteries” to find vendors in your area.


John , people have batteries installed while they are shopping at Walmart , Costco or Sams Wholesale . So it can’t be that difficult. Auto Zone will in some places sell you one and install it at no charge.
I think there are only 3 companies that make batteries and they just put different labels on.


If you’re a Costco member, get a battery there, almost certainly a group 65

Costo carries interstate batteries with a 42-months free replacement period

No questions asked . . . believe me, that’s important. It means no hassle. Walmart, for example, makes it VERY difficult to replace one of their batteries during the free replacement period

And the costco battery prices are very competitive

Another thing,


You can try sourcing a genuine OEM Ford battery on https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ . Hope this helps.

Why would someone go to all that trouble for something as simple as a vehicle battery ? There are so many places that will sell and install in a short time and Ford does not make batteries anyway.

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Good to know. Now that I’m near one for half the year we already joined, thought we’d try it. So far, I haven’t been overly impressed (takes a lot to impress me), but the snacks (samples) are fun. I’ll have to check out the automotive area, I guess.

I will say, some frozen fish they sell is U.S. wild caught AND U.S. processed, a hard item to find these days, except that I live near a small drinking village with a fishing problem. In Cortez, just up the road, the fishing boats come off the Gulf of Mexico into STAR fish company and one can go right into the little market and buy it.

The COSTCO place in Sarasota is a ZOO, even employees will run over you or into you. They seem to have created a cult of shoppers who think they’re saving money by going there, clever marketing. It’s nuts. Knowing when to shop seems to be a key in even finding a parking spot in acres of spaces.

The key is to be there just as they open the doors. Then you’ll be out of there quickly, unless you’re prone to impulse buys :frowning_face:

And get gas either at least 1/2 hour before the store opens in the morning, or after 8PM

I always judged buying my battery by looking af CCA, In my mind it is the best way to judge bang for the buck.

depending on where you live and what engine you have, you may not need a battery with 1000cca

I’m more concerned with price, length of free replacement period, and if the store will replace the battery without ANY hassle or questions asked, should the need arise

That last criteria is where Costco shines and Walmart falls flat on its face . . . in my opinion, and based on experience

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Interstate and Motorcraft would be my picks. Both are reliable and long lasting.

That strengthens the argument for buying the next battery at Costco . . . because they sell Interstate

I was picking up a 6 volt battery for my son in laws 50 Chrysler at a commercial battery store in Buffalo where most of the trucking companies bought theirs. The counterman called from the back room, “Do you want a Willard or a Viking?” I asked him what the difference was. He said “I haven’t put the label on yet, which one do you want?”


I’ve had good luck w/Costco batteries for my own Ford truck. Never had one for the truck fail before 6 years. I’m not a member of Costco but a friend of mine is, so I go w/them during one of their planned Costco outing when I need a battery. I buy them lunch for their trouble, which isn’t difficult or expensive b/c lunch for all of us is one large Costco Pizza … lol … One of my Corolla batteries failed within a couple months, so I took it back and they gave me another one, no issues.

Here’s a Costco tip for non-members btw: At least at the Costco’s near me, no need to be a member to buy their pizzas. They aren’t great pizzas, but they’re pretty good. And excellently priced.

Many years ago, there was an independent battery company near my old job, and they actually asked the same type of question of customers if the battery in question hadn’t yet been labeled. They had at least half a dozen labels that could be affixed to their identical batteries.

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Same with their Pharmacy. You don’t have to be a member to use it.

I guess that it depends on the location of the particular Costco. My usual routine is to go to Costco every Friday for my weekly grocery run and my weekly fill-up. I usually get there at ~1:30- 2:00 PM, and the longest line might be two cars in front of me. Then again, I sometimes pull directly up to the pump.

On the other hand, I have been a passenger in my friend’s car when he goes there for gas on Sunday afternoons, and at that point, it wouldn’t be unusual to be 7th or 8th in line at the pump.

Pssst… George, hand your friends some money and have them buy you a $25 to $1,000 Costco Cash Card (reloadable by them, [members only], too)!

They don’t expire and it allows you in to shop without becoming a member.

George, I just called my local Costco and talked with a member of the “Administrative Staff” and they confirmed my comments. Your Cash Card gets you in and the cashier will do “an over-ride” (over-rides the membership requirement) when you check out.

Can you say, “Sweet!!?”



Where as Sam’s Club pizzas are excellent, but the gas is not TpTier.

What trouble? With the automatic rebates and credits applied to next service batteries are same or lower price than big box stores. After all you just do it every three to five years, I just have it installed when in for other service.
Of course we have been down this road before—the dealer vs independent shop. Based on questions regarding other dealerships, I am fortunate to have a service department that is honest with no upselling.