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Where to buy tire chains?

I knwo that one can buy chains at prety much every auto parts store like Kragen, Sears, Napa, etc. but my experience has been that in most the sales staff is really imcompetent. Any pointers as to where I may have better luck?

The task becomes more difficult as I live in LA where chains are not prevalent.


I would do some preliminary research and pricing on line by doing a internet search. All you need is your tire size. Read FAQs and determine the type of chain you want for your vehicle (which may be limited, anyway).

At least one national store will deliver a set to your door for free shipping ($86 cost), which sounded good to me. Not sure what your intentions are, but the last time I installed a set of chains for my on-road vehicle was 1974. Hope you plan on getting more use out of chains than I have.

“Not prevalent?” That’s an understatement.

I bought mine at a local hardware store (but I live in PA, where snow is common). The box containing the chains had a listing of every tire size the chains would work with.

If chains are not in stock at local parts stores (no surprise), I’m sure they can order them for you. All they need is your tire size. You may have to explain the concept of “tire chains” to the sales staff in LA, but they can order chains for you.

Or use Google. I’m sure someone can ship chains to your location, but I’ll bet it’s cheaper to get them from a local parts store.

By the way, the chains I bought cost less than $50, and they work perfectly.

Gotta be someplace in CA where you can get a set . . . you guys get snow and have mountains too. Rocketman

Oh well, as I postponed this to the last minute and leave for the mountains tomorrow. I went ahead and tried Kragen. They had one kind for my tire size and vehicle type (cables), it was under $40 and I assume I’ll never need them anyway. And if I do it’s going to be only for a short 5 mile drive up to some snowy mountain lodge. The thing is that here in CA sometimes the Highway patrol posts signs that they are REQUIRED so if you don’t have them on board you’re stuck (pun intended).

But the sales staff was really incompetent, as expected.

The funny thing is: I come from the mountains and have never used chains ever before in my life. But then again come October we always put on a good set of winter tires for which we even had extra rims. Being in LA, there of course also is no place that has winter tires in stock :wink: And me being the last minute man and being used to tire shops that have a variety of winter tires in stock … you get the picture.