Where is the ground for the horn circuit on a 2000 Protege?

Hi there,

The horn on my protege isn’t working, when I hit it I just hear the relay clicking. The relay from my old protege I put in and all I hear is clicking.

Its a “new” protege.

I put 12V on the physical horn, and it beeps.

I am suspecting bad ground.

The shop manual I have doesn’t show the ground locations :neutral_face:

Does anyone know where the wiring loom, near the radiator goes to? Straight to the relay?

If someone could post a nice diagram that would be great.


Have you checked the 15 amp fuse in #13 under the hood?

The wiring diagram only shows one wire to the horn, the power wire. The horn is grounded by the mounting bolt.

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I managed to fix the horn, it was the connector to the horn that was damaged ( God knows how it gets damaged)

I cut off old connector, and crimped on a female connector ( not OEM standard ), but it works now.

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