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Where is th crankcase water drain on my scout?!

I desperately need to do a cooling system flush on my 77 Scout Traveler and can’t locate the water drain for the crankcase. It’s a 345 engine and any help would be great.

There is not typically a drain for the engine block but a drain valve at the bottom of the radiator. A flush kit available at any parts store may help, as it includes directions.

The drain for the block is just a pipe plug with a square head. Look real close on both sides of the block. You’ll find it.


I’ve flushed out the system in previous autos I’ve had and they’d all had drains on the engine. The manual for the Scout CLAIMS that there’s a crankcase water drain that needs to be opened but after spending 45 minutes under it and numerous web searches I was pretty much at my wit’s end. Guess I can just do the flush through the radiator and see what that does for me. Pretty gnarly looking coolant in there now!

I will spend some more time under that beast. Maybe I’ll find it.