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Coolant drain plug

Where is the coolant drain plug on the engine block.

There ususally is no drain plug on the engine block. There used to be one on the bottom of the radiator, but those are being eliminated as well!

So how do I flush the coolant from the engine block?

You can buy a coolant flush kit, it has directions. Be sure not to add new coolant or water if the engine is hot unless running. Being the impatient kind I usually drain by removing the lower radiator hose, some even go to the trouble of removing the thermostat. Be careful as pets etc. find spilled coolant tasty and lethal, and coolant in the eyes can cause problems. Read and follow the directions with a flush kit is my best advice. Some coolants are different than others so pick the replacement coolant carefully.

Yes, I haven’t seen a drain plug on a block in a while, I remember when they had petcocks on the block to drain the coolant, now they have taken not only the petcock off the radiator but on some cars they have done away with the radiator cap as well, putting it on the remote reservoir.I don’t know how you tell if the radiator is full on such a car. They have eliminated all the grease fittings, they did away with the torque converter drain plugs years ago, now they are doing away with the transmission dipstick. I won’t buy a car like that.

I hear your pain, and keep thinking why did I get rid of that old car I could fix or find parts for anything that went wrong. Honest to goodness I I looked for the spark plugs on my o3 Trailblazer and could not even find them.

And what year might this Civic be ???

Remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator. Install a “Flushing Tee” in one of the heater hoses to back-flush the engine with a garden hose…Be sure to capture and recycle all the old coolant…