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Where can I find the REAL service schedule for my vehicle?

What is the best service schedule to follow for a 2010 Sequoia? The service manual provided by Toyota does not align with the dealer’s routine suggestions. Per the dealer, fluids need to be flushed or replaced on a much more frequent basis than what the manufacturer suggests. Just trying to determine what should be performed at 60,000 miles. No towing, low mileage MidWest use.

The owners manual from Toyota is the REAL recommended change interval. Your Toyota dealer has a boat payment to make and wants you to help.

That said, you can prolong your car’s life by changing fluids at the “severe service” intervals even if you don’t drive that way. And change brake fluid every time you get new brake service. Insist upon it.


Mustangman is correct that your owner’s manual is the most accurate source. Having said that, some people here believe that manufacturers are stretching the transmission fluid change intervals too far, so it’s not unreasonable to replace that somewhat more often if you agree with them.

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@Mustangman is correct. The owner’s manual is what you go by. Dealerships have a vested interest in getting you come back for “recommended” services. Toyota doesn’t recommend these services, the dealer does. Sometimes you can even catch them recommending/selling services and/or products that are described in your owners manual as being things that the manufacturer deems as unnecessary or even detrimental (transmission flushes and engine flushes come to mind). .

It gets cold in the Midwest, that and frequent trips under 10 miles is severe service according the the automakers. The severe service recommendation in the manual are still much less than what some dealers suggest. For example I would never have fuel system cleaning unless there was a performance problem. As a matter of fact, I have never had a fuel system cleaning done.

Agree! My Toyota dealer provides good service but they make up their own service schedule at inflated prices. Strangely, the one really important item, changing the transmission fluid every 30,000-50,000 miles, is not on their schedule!

I only go there for the oil changes which are a good deal.

The OWNER’S MANUAL is the real one to follow.

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