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Where can I find a 'hot air riser'?

A bit of ribbed metal (brass?) tubing connects the hot air intake diaphragm to the manifold. It is about 1 13/16 OD, 2 inches long. It is just a little bit flexible. AutoZone and Pep Boys tell me they don’t have it, or anything suitable. The parts guy at the Toyota dealership tells me that it’s no longer in Toyota’s inventory; he called it a hot air riser and told me some hot rods used it to be street legal. The 1 hot rod shop I know didn’t know what he was talking about. I couldn’t find anything suitable at True Value hardware.

It’s not a precision part; it doesn’t seal. I bit of 2-inch OD tubing that would fit around it could do the job. It has to tolerate engine temperature. Possibly some part made for the exhaust system?

Dorman brand HELP parts are stocked at most parts stores


A picture would be immensely helpful…what about looking outside of automotive parts? The piece I have in find is similar to a short section of flexible steel conduit, like you might use with wiring or something - as long as it doesn’t require a precision fit, that might work. But perhaps I have the wrong image in mind.

Thanks. This looks like the right thing. I brought the piece to both stores, showed it to the help, they told me they didn’t have anything like that. I just needed to know the name. I don’t have a camera BikeGuy88. Sorry.

The McParts stores do have the Dorman hose. the ‘‘help’’ just has no clue.
I can’t look it up on the Auto Zone website by name either. BUT . . in the Dorman catalog ? ( which they do have access to if they would even bother to look )
… you always measure INSIDE diameter for hoses.
Dorman’s aluminum tube is #96020 1.5" id . . . #96022 1.75" id.
the paper/aluminum is #96030 1.5" id . .and #96032 1.75" id

Considering what they pay them, it’s no surprise.

Mr Knox’s link pointed me to those Dorman parts numbers which I could look up on and They tell me it’s not compatible with my vehicle, which may be true, but it’s not a precision component.

Are you sure you’re not talking about the EGR tube?

If you can’t find the exact item, you might be able to form your own using ordinary flexible aluminum clothes dryer vent pipe, and some aluminum foil adhesive tape used for sealing vent pipe duct work for natural gas water heaters. .

Way too big in diameter.

The normal dryer vent would be, but the same thing is made in an assortment of diameters.

The hot air riser is designed to smooth idling and running in cold weather. I can’t imagine an Albuquerque resident would have much need of it, unless they make frequent trips to Taos…and probably not even then.

It’s gotten down to 10° here. I like things not-broken, even if they don’t need to function: it makes me feel better. Mr Rod_Knox tipped me to the correct name for the part I want, which is all I needed, +$3.90 to pay for it.

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