Where aftermaket parts?

im trying to find an online place that sells different kinds of intake manifolds and whatnot anyone know a place?

This is where Google is your friend.
Type in the year, make, and model, then the part you are looking for. Google will provide the sites.


Agree Google it the solution for parts suppliers and more important for 270Z groups for parts, repair and upgrade tips.

However, looking at your earlier posts I also agree that this isn’t a good starter car for restoration and/or modification.

In any restoration your intial cost is like the “ante” in a poker game, the real costs come later in money and time and can easily exceed the original costs. Further, don’t assume that your cousin or friends will be there to assist you because unpaid help often quickly lose interest.

So start with a realistic budget assuming that any and all will be done by a professional and that you can afford the continuing costs like insurance so that you know you can end up with a vehicle you can complete and enjoy instead of a Craiglist “Project Car for Sale”.

And if it turns out otherwise and you can do some of the work yourself, great you’ll have some money for gas.


Are you looking for OEM spec replacement parts or performance parts?

It should be quite simple to use a web search engine to find something . Why search for something for a vehicle you don’t even have yet . You said you have a cousin who is a mechanic so why not ask him ?

I use RockAuto and summit racing. Both are reliable. I don’t use Amazon or eBay because you never know what you are getting. Rock has both oem and aftermarket and you can choose. Dealers are also online for oem parts.


I also use the big sites like Rock auto,4Wheelonline, Autoanything to locate quality parts.

I have used Summit Racing and JEGS Performance for racing parts. Seems most people that replied refuse to reveal their parts source.

If the OP is really interested in learning the workings of whatever car he ends up with, he should only use the cheapest parts available on EBay.

Are you saying the cheapest Ebay parts will result in OP tearing the engine apart all the time? So OP will therefore quickly learn how the car works? … lol … Reminds me of my friend who works at a plumbing supply store. The plumbers come in daily for parts, and tell funny stories about “repairing” the repair jobs the homeowner had done prior. In most cases the problem was the homeowner purchased the parts from big box stores, and those parts, while inexpensive, often deform during the install & leak like a sieve. Plumbing supply store parts , while more expensive, considerably more robust and forgiving apparently.

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Not buying that story .

Well I have both original fixtures installed by a plumber and others bought a big boxes and installed by me. Model numbers and appearance the same plus I’ve had the faucets stripped to re sweat them and not any difference. Now new diy push on connectors etc might be an issue. I would never use them or plastic. Things may be different in other parts of the country.

My godfather was a plumber and drove a studebaker.

OK, being taught by my Dad to sweat pipes I find these plug in connectors to be great but bringing it back to 270 Z’s the 240 Z was a miracle, the mid term 260 Z was OK but was a different creature between the original 280Z which was a completely different animal.

The 240 Z was a Straight 6 while the 280Z was a V6 so parts source will greatly depend on the engine.

Again, because of the evolution this is not a project for beginners…

The 270Z did not exist. The 240Z, 260Z and 280Z each had straight six-cylinder engines.
The 300ZX had a V-6.
I don’t think the OP is interested in old cars.

No, still a straight 6, the 300ZX was a V6.

Edit: @Nevada_545 beat me to it.

Thanks for the corrections and proof of the error of relying on memory. .
Sister’s car was a 260Z, not a 270Z.

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