When to scrap the old Mazda?

We have a 1996 Protege with 132,000 miles. In the last 2 years, we have replaced the front and rear rotors and calipers, the cat converter, the timing belt and water pump, and the tires. We have opted not to fix the manual transmission, which slips out of 5th sometimes, and needs a little nudging into 1st and reverse.

Now we have a bad wheel bearing that sounds a little rough, but no terrible grindign sounds yet (just constant scraping). So do we just drive her til she gives in, repair her, or replace her?

This is just pretty much normal expect repair for a car that age and miles. If the body is ok and you can live a couple of repair bills a year you can drive on. If you want and can afford a new car, then go ahead. Whatever makes you happy.

The 14 year old car with problemS should not be fixed unless you feel like tossing the money at it.

My daughter had a '97 Protege that was still running great at 180,000 miles when she was hit from behind and totaled. Fixing your car will be cheaper than buying another.

Agree; those are tough little cars. If you can fix the gear shift for a reasonable amount, the car will run for many more years. The mileage is not excessive for its age. I would keep driving it.

How much will that wheel bearing replacement cost you? How much will even just on monthly car payment going to cost you? All that other stuff and to some extent the wheel bearing, is just maintenance, not repair.

BTW also consider that if you want to sell that car, then any pending repairs will just reduce the selling price of the car.

Keep driving it till it breaks apart…You have a $1000-$2000 car in decent running condition. Hardly worth repairing a 14 yr old well done car unless DIY.