When to change oil

this morning i put some mobil 1 10w-30 and some gumout deep cleaner in my bike, and i realized i have no idea when to change my oil, ive been changing it like every month and that is completely wasteful. and that gumout makes a huge difference, what is in that stuff?

Gumout makes a huge difference, you say? Good or bad?

As I recall, Gumout carb cleaner is simply a mixture of a few volatile aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluenes and xylenes. These compounds are effective solvents for dissolving the varnish that sometimes accumulate around the orifices of fuel systems. The solvents evaporate readily when warmed. The Gumout is probably all gone now from your oil. Boiled off.

How often to change the oil? I haven’t a clue.

it makes a good difference, you just pour a little in your tank

Steve’s description was great. And I can testify that adding a carb cleaner or injector cleaner to the gas used for small engines that don’t get run often, like snowblower engines, makes a huge difference. I started doing that in the '70’s when I was given an old snowblower that was sputtering and not running well. I ran a few tankfuls with cleaner added through the snowblower and it cleared up and started running great. I’ve been using it ever since and never had operating problems with my small engines.