When starting your car

I have wondered is there any harm or extra ware on the engine/battery and such if when you go to start your car your radio, air and such are on? I always try to make sure that everything is off when I start my car.

No, there is not and there is no reason to turn them off. If anything you add some wear to the switches that you are turning off before starting. Leave them be. The ignition switch cuts them off while the starter is engaged anyway.

My only caviot would be unless your battery is so weak you need to do it, but at that point It is time for a new battery. Mine cuts off radio and heater fan, but not the headlights, go figure.

Caviots? Aren’t they made in Italy. Not to be mistaken for a caveat, which is like a yawl or ketch.

Caviot emptor - Italian made products can be tempestuos (quite like Italian women).

When you turn the ignition switch to “START,” everything else is bypassed, so there is no additional drain on the battery.

I still like to turn things off, however, because I don’t know what the conditions will be like next time I start the car.

Keepdoing what you’re doing. You’re not hurting anything.