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When should I align front end?

Hello, I need to buy and get installed new tires for my 2004 Accord. The installation includes spin balancing. However the dealer recommends that I get the front end aligned as well. I’m pretty sure this has been done within the past couple of years. Is this really necessary? Thank you.

If you have uneven wear, uneven handling, or it hasn’t been done for a few years, than yes it is necessary. Yours is due.

Thank you–by the way I misspoke, it is an independent repair shop, not dealer. I just looked, it was aligned exactly one year ago. At the time it was pulling to one side after a tire rotation; the alignment didn’t solve the problem so he put the tires back “un-rotated” and said that they were already unevenly worn and I should just use them this way until time for replacement. When I bought the car “certified used” in '06 there were some cheap new Coopers on it, now they are used up. So should an alignment last just one year?

No, it should not under normal circumstances. But in this case I’d get it checked again.

I’d Go For A Proper Four-Wheel Alignment At A Reputable Alignment Shop.


I recommend it every two years.

On a straight, level road, let go of the steering. If your car steers by itself more or less straight, your alignment is fine, but if it immediately begins to pull left or right, you need an alignment, at least.