When should 2009 Camry Hybrid timing belt be replaced? Do myself?

Mostly highway miles. Gently driven.
Thank you.
** HAS TIMING CHAIN ** (Friend said it has timing belt.)
Toyota says no need to replace unless making noise.

It’s spelled out in your owners manual.

Usually around 100k miles or 8 years (WHICH EVER COMES FIRST).

Can you do it yourself?? Timing belts aren’t too difficult. But with a transverse mounted engine it can be difficult to get to unless you have a lift (which most people don’t). So you’ll be working on your back underneath the car.

Go by your manual, as Mike said.

But if you’re curious about whether you could do it yourself, pick up a repair manual, read through the procedure, and see if you feel up to it. I would advise you to be sure you have another vehicle at your disposal during the process, however. No job ever goes perfectly, and it’s common to realize you need one more piece or one more tool and you’ll need to be able to run to the store in the middle of the job. That’s why mechanics have huge tool chests…and then a few cabinets full of tools. Usually, when I start a job that I think will need three tools, it needs 15. A very close ladyfriend and I have a joke that a “5 minute job” will always require two hours. That’s reality.

^ Thank you, both.
Yes, we have another vehicle nearby, not so much for getting things I forgot, but because I will be called to transport blood.
Hospitals have me under surveillance and wait until I am covered in dirt and oil to call.

Phone is now working. Just called Toyota dealers.
** TIMING CHAIN ** No replace. (I’d expect a hybrid to have a timing belt.)
But I should replace spark plugs and coolant.

Thank you.

Mostly highway miles. Gently driven.

Doesn’t matter. If it had a belt it needs to be changed at whatever the mileage or time specified in the manual. But from what I can find it doesn’t have a timing belt it is a chain.


Your Camry internal combustion engine is a 2AZ-FXE, which uses a chain

Tell your friend he’s wrong and owes you a case of beer

Keep driving it

I really think that hybrid cars that don’t run the engine all the time need an hour meter on the engine as well as an odometer. How else would you know how much the engine has actually run between maintenance intervals? In the case of a plug-in hybrid driven mostly on short trips, the engine might not actually run for days or even weeks.

And that’s when you use the time limit. It’s which ever comes first. Mileage or years.

Yes. I also wished the Camry had an hour meter. I’d love to know the ratio of motor propel to engine operation. But most people want simplicity.