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When is enough enough

I have metro PCS for mu cell phone carrier and with that I have Metro broad band that plugs into my OBD 12 plugin Wich readdmy codes, tells location of my car ect. Problem is when it is plugged in and although it works just fine my 3004 Pontiac Aztek doesn’t seem to like it. The headlight and dash lights shut down sparaticalky along with radio resetting it self and as quick as the entire car system shuts down it comes back on. When it is plugged you will hear feed back through the speakers with stereo on or off. Is it just not compatiable or is there possibly a short somewhere. I have torn dash apart and replaced ignition switch , alternator , battery starter and numrrouse sensors. Not to mention all the mechanical but anybody who owns an Aztek will understand. . I have even gotten to the point of not even bothering putting on the plastic coverings or carpet. I mean why, it’s all going to get tanked out within a day or two anyways. What other problem might that plug in be causing or being caused by.

I’ve heard from an experienced mechanic that on a certain vehicle a scanner hooked up while driving will interfere with the functioning of the vehicle. This only occurred to him with one certain make and model, and I don’t remember which one it was. He did some research and found it to be common on that vehicle. Or you may have a problem with your BCM or connector.

The real simple answer is, quit using the broad band plug in, it’s an Aztek, you don’t need to introduce problems, they came as standard equipment. If you need a code reader, get a code reader. If you need broad band, it is available almost every where now, (McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc). Just as an a aside, the Aztek passed the enough is enough point somewhere around 2006.

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I have no idea what you are saying .



The trouble you are having is most likely being caused by your cellphone inducing RF interference into the vehicles communications bus wiring. When that kind of thing takes place then just about anything bad can happen to the electrical systems. Like others have previously stated, you need to use something else to check for codes or monitor your OBD2 system. Unless you want to design a filter system that will eliminate the RF interference within the vehicle wiring.