When a traffic signal is out

It simply aggravates me that so many people do not know, or follow the rules in this situation. Could someone explain what that rule might be.

If the lights are out, treat it as a 4-way stop sign. And call the police immediately so that they can direct traffic. There are enough aggressive drivers around that this simple matter becomes difficult to handle.

The usual result is most drivers hand it as a 4 way stop.  However remember that 4 way stops are not handled the same way every where.  In some states the cars behind the first driver through can follow along without stopping until that direction of traffic is cleared.  In other states each car must come to a full stop.

I strongly suggest that every driver assume the other driver thinks they have a green light.

Some traffic lights default to one direction flashing yellow, the cross traffic gets a flashing red light. In such a situation, the traffic with the flashing yellow proceeds through the intersection as though it was a green light, and the traffic with the flashing red must stop and proceed when it is safe to do so.

When the lights are completly out Its amazing how many people don’t stop. When it should be treated as a 4-way stop as jtsanders said.

Around here (Oregon I-5 corridor), it seems like traffic flows better when the lights malfunction and trip in to flashing red (or just go out if it’s a power failure.) I’m surprised, but it seems like most people in these parts know what to do.

Oregoen drivers are awesome. I agree that everyone here knows what to do, and if we don’t then we’re at least considerate enough to heed the right of way.