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Wheels are screeching

Ok, so the other day we went to a friends home and we parked our car on the driveway which was about a 45 degree angle. We stayed for about an hour and when we left my wheels started making a hissing sound or a scratching sound. When I use the breaks the sound goes away but it continues all the time when I drive. Even at high rates of speed. It never did this before. Is it something with using the e-break on an angle or something. I do nto know what it could be.

One possibility might be a sticking parking brake mechanism causing some drag in the rear. Do you use the parking brake frequently?

Another possibility is that the hill parking is a complete coincidence and what you are hearing is your brake wear indicators. These are designed to make noise when your brake pads get low. They do stop making noise whenever you step on the brakes. They make the noise to get your attention so that you’ll get your brakes checked.

Either way - get your brakes checked. A lot of shops will check the basics free as a courtesy, but its best to stay out of the corporate chain places.

Parking at a 45 degree angle could merely be coincidental to the emergence of this new noise.

When brake pads are worn to the point of needing replacement, you will normally hear a screeching, or hissing, or cricket-like sound while driving. The noise will stop when you apply the brakes, only to return when you release the brake pedal.

You need to have a competent mechanic check your brake system.

Thank you so much.I had a feeling that it might be the brakes. How do you go about finding a competent mechanic? I usually go to merchants but I hear stories that even they do some shotty work.

Very Helpful. Any ideas on how to locate a honest mechanic? Or is this a complete oxymoron?

You should check the ‘Mechanics Files’ (} on this website for a recommendation in your area.