Wheelchair lift and 2000 Subaru Forester



I am probably going to be getting a power wheelchair in the near future because of an illness that affects my ability to walk. I have a 2000 Subaru Forester S, w/at. The hatch is too small to accomodate a power wheelchair. I have researched a number of wheelchair lifts that attach to a trailer hitch, so the chair will be outside the car, (in a fixed position, not in a trailer). A number of questions have arisen concerning this configuration. One is, Subaru only has a Class One trailer hitch, which will not support a lift and chair. What would be best, a Class Two or Three hitch. The tongue weight capacity seems to be the key point, considering the wheelchair might weigh 200+ lbs, and the lift another 100 lbs. I would not be in the chair when it is being raised. Also, would load-leveling shocks be a good idea? It would not be good if the shocks started raising the vehicle as soon as it sensed the chair being loaded on. I don’t knw how these shocks function exactly.

All advice welcome! Btw, I am leaning toward, (no pun intended), a Freedom Lift wheelchair lift, model 350P.



Check with your Subaru dealer & the company you are buying the go buggy from. They can help you out, I’m sure.
This is NOT something to try to cheap out on, you drop that go buggy off the back end of your Subaru at 65 (wink) MPH on the interstate, it will not be pretty.


Thanks for the reply. I would rather OVER-spend for a setup that is more than I need than get an inadequate hitch/lift, etc. I called the local Subaru dealer, they told me to check with UHaul for trailer hitches. I have a wheelchair lift company working with me on this already. I am hoping to find someone who has experience with this kind of setup.