Wheel Wobble

I tried to get my 2001 mercedes slk 320 inspected, and the mechanic said the front right tire wobbles and he needed a Romses Tool to fix it. I haven’t found anything online with that name pertaining to wheel repair or alignment tools for a mercedes, so… I don’t know, I’m thinking he might not have gotten it right when he spelled it back to me for clarification. Do you know what he may have been referring to?

Dunno, but I dont need no stinkin tool to tell you if a wheel wobbles…what is the tool going to do Confirm his visual observation and say “Yep…its wobbling”…Its what you do AFTER this is where the actual repair comes in to play.

Its either a broken belt in the tire…a bent wheel, or another defect of the tire rubber …so its either a new tire, or wheel or both…and nobody needs a Romulan Wobble tool to diagnose this.