2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class front wheel wobble

I have 2006 Mercedes benz b200 basic. I felt wobbling in the front left wheel, especially when the car starts driving or when applying brakes. The mechanic said it could be something with the transmission, but the car running good and the gear shaft is smoothly moving, no problem. I thought it could be bad rotors or something in the brake system, but the mechanic said those components are okay. Does anybody has suggestions away of misfiring.

You need a different mechanic.
This could be a tire problem, suspension problem, or steering problem.


^This +1. A transmission issue wouldn’t cause the wheel to wobble. If you’ve eliminated a warped rotor the issue could be a bad CV joint or possibly something suspension related.

How do you know it’s the left front wheel?

Thanks for the reply
I feel it when I drive, especially when the car accelerates and stops. I have asked my friend to take a turn to drive and I sat in the passenger seat, I did not feel that motion as obviously as when I drove.Soliman

Your hands are not on the wheel in passenger seat. How do you feel the wobble? Thru the seat?

I felt that motion even without holding the steering wheel

That leaves your feet and seat. Where do you feel the wobble?

Have you paid your mechanic to diagnose and repair the problem?

Or have you just spoken to him, and he gave some opinions without actually driving the car?

On the other hand, if your mechanic drove the car, experienced the wobble and still has no clue, then maybe he’s not a very good mechanic . . . ?

That in no way points to the left front wheel for certain. You need to have this checked by a mechanic. It could be as simple as a wheel balance problem or as serious as an impending failure of a steering or suspension component.

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