Wheel vibration

I had to replace some lug nuts on my car and was only able to get longer ones then oem. Could this cause vibrations?

Make, Model, Model-Year ?

More Information, Please.

Did The Vibration Begin Immediately Following The Lug Nut Replacement ?
Did You Replace All The Nuts On Some Wheels Or Only Some Nuts On The Wheel(s) ?
Why Did You Have To Replace Them ?

Is That The Only Thing You Did ?
The Wheels Weren’t Removed And Reinstalled Or Other Work Done ?


2005 volvo s40
Years ago i slid on ice and hit a curb with right front tire. Since then i have replaced hub, drive shaft, shock & rim but still get some vibration at certain speeds. When i change over to my snow tires and rims no vibrations.
Some of the nuts have been replaced due to damage done by tire place or me not feeling comfortable when i start to thread on.
The replacement lugs are longer.
I dont know what else it could be, i will be replacing all tires in a couple of weeks, dont know if tires have gotten a wear pattern on them that may cause vibration
Thay r not the original tires

"When i change over to my snow tires and rims no vibrations."
Probably because of their own inherent vibration you may not feel it.
Assuming you have the longer lugs on the problem wheel, rotate them to another with any shorter lugs going to replace them. Make sure all the lugs are the same short ones on the problem wheel. As long as you don’t mix them on the same wheel, it should not be a problem. If it still vibrates, you have other issues.

Out Of Balance Tire/Rim Or Defective Tire Or Bent Rim Or Rim/Brake Rotor Not Flush.
" When i change over to my snow tires and rims no vibrations. "