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Wheel spins on the slope

2006 Nissan Sentra

I live in a relatively hilly region, small hills but there are a lot of slopes. There are many lights on these slopes. When I start from zero on a slope, the front wheels have started slipping a lot.

First time I noticed, it was a rainy day so thought maybe it is water on the roads but happened yesterday, a perfectly dry day with dry roads. The tires have good tread depth so (I think) it can’t be the tires.

Since the car has a tendency to roll back and most other drivers have a tendency to kiss the car’s butt, I usually accelerate more than usual but have been doing this forever, nothing new.

I am curious what could be the reason

Thanks n advance.

What is the tread depth? how old are the tires?

Tires get brittle with age and lose traction. If they are approaching 10 years old, time to replace them.

Or accelerate more gently from a start.

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I don’t have gauge for tire tread depth but will take a coin measure and post a picture later today.

The tires are just 2 years old. Granted, they are not great tires, Fuzion something, but have less than 10K on them.

Are you sure that it’s the tires and not the clutch?

There are some road surfaces that just don’t have much grip. Couple this with the fact that many cars have throttles that open quickly (to give the illusion of power!) and you’ll find this situation somewhat common.

First, try being very careful about the application of power.

Second, try grippier tires. (But those will wear more quickly!)

And just as a frame of reference: There are engineers who study road surfaces and they’ve reported some road surfaces that approach the grip level of ice (!!) when wet - and even a tiny bit of water aggravates the situation.

You don’t say if standard or automatic transmission . But the roll back is a problem . Have you rotated the tires as you should and do you have this problem with another vehicle if you have one. Did this just recently become a problem ? If so then I would think it is a tire problem.