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Cause of excessive slipping and drift on curves

I have a 07 Jeep Liberty with nearly new tires. It seems to exhibit excessive side slipping and drift when on an on or off ramp under normal speed. This has not occurred in the past. We have entered the rainy season in Oregon, so I believe that is a contributor, however, the slipping has not been a problem in previous years. I can’t create the same problem on flat curves even under acceleration at relatively high corner speed. It also seems that the tires are more likely to slip when accelerating from a stop.

Are the new tires the same brand and type as the old tires? If not, then I’d say the new tires are the cause.

Absouletly a tire,road surface,vehicle speed situation

Let’s brainstorm (where no idea is rejected initally) what can you come up with? remember no idea is initally rejected.

They’re the same brand and type, and this is the 2nd rainy season on these tires.

Could the pavement on the ramps be worn extra smooth? They can get very slippery if they are smooth or there is a light coat of oil on them.

Did the tires do this last season, when they were new? Are the tires properly inflated?


The tire dealer says the tread wear is a contributor, even though there is plenty of remaining wear. He is siping the tires to help with traction. I’ll let you know the result.

He will warranty the tires after siping? What does it cost to do this?

Warranty is ok. Costs $11 per tire.


The siping seems to significantly help cure the problem. I’ll be interested to see if there is any negatives.

I was going to suggest that one of your sway bar end links may have come undone. Do you notice any more body lean?