Wheel, Gas and Brake Pedal Stiffness

For the past few months my wheel, gas and brake pedal have been stiffer than usual. When I put my foot on the pedals they still work but they don’t go down as far as they normally do and it is harder to push them down also. This problem comes and goes but shortly after this started my shifter broke and I had to have it replaced. I noticed the stiffness went away for a while after that and now it’s back again. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this?

How thick is the mat underneath your foot?

Your brake power booster may be failing.

I guess the OP means the steering wheel. But these are three unrelated items and I can’t imagine how the shifter repair had anything to do with any of them.

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Did someone move your seat back and you didn’t notice? If not , you may want to see your doctor and have your fitness checked.

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