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Opposite brake problem of call in this last show

The brakes on my 1997 Dodge Caravan seem to be the opposite of last week’s Eric of Ft Myers, FL (see below).

“1996 Geo Metro

A question about brakes. His brake pedal get harder to push down when he drives, especially when it gets hot. If he can drive for a while without braking, then the pedal gets easier to use, but if he is frequently braking, then it becomes almost impossible to stop the car. Power brake booster isn’t working and needs to be replaced. It could also be the result of a collapsed hose, or a bad valve.”

My brake pedal is hard to push down after being idle for awhile and after letting the car warm up and pushing down on the pedal until it moves, the brakes work okay so it is the complete opposite of Eric’s problem. The time between when this happens used to be at least over night. Now it may stiffen in an 4 - 5 hour period. I don’t drive much - an average of 50 miles a week but it is stop and go traffic. I don’t want to end up with work done that is not necessary. It has 136,000 and I’m the second owner