Wheel dislodged after hearing grinding sound

I presume you mean you couldn’t access the crowbar-looking thing that comes w/the jack that is sized to the lug nut. I never had much luck with those things, always seem to slip off the lug nut, which of course rounds it off and makes removing it even more difficult. Years ago, to address this problem, I bought two 18 inch long breaker bars, matched with appropriate sized sockets for my truck and Corolla’s lug nuts. Not overly expensive. Keep one w/each vehicle. Those have really come in handy over the years, makes removing lugs nuts, even when they are slightly stuck, a doodle. Most of the time they’ve come in handy actually wasn’t for me so much, but for someone who was stranded b/c they couldn’t get the lug nuts off, and I was stopping by to help. If I were the CEO of a car company I’d ask this be included w/every car, even though it would increase our expenses. That’s probably why I’m not a car company CEO … lol …

I have never seen that, not saying it wasn’t there but who reads invoices except for the bottom line. More importantly I have never been TOLD that by a service associate. I am glad I now know.

oh and everyone enjoy your Thanksgivings.

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